I love sales and I’m excited about the upcoming sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Save 28% when you use the code start16 on Wednesday and Thursday.  This might be a good time to get some new Winter Materials!

I made a set of Winter adapted books which may be helpful for some of your students and you can get during the sale!  The series includes I Spy Arctic Animals, What is the Snowman Wearing?, and Where are the Children Sledding?

What is the Snowman Wearing? is a fun book to target color concepts.  The students have to identify the correct color clothing item the snowman is wearing.  This book is easy to set up.  Just place a piece of hard velcro on each question mark square on every page.  Then put soft velcro on the back of all the snowmen  Cut out the snowmen and store them on the grid page.  Attach the grid page to the right side of the last page in the book.

Snowman Book Set Up

Have the students help you read each page.  Point to each word box as you read.  If you do this in a small group have the students take turns finding the correct snowman for each page.  It is a good way to work on turn-taking.

Snowman Book

I found this snowman craft at a story by me and I thought it was perfect to go along with the book.  After reading a book about what the snowman was wearing the students got to pick out how to dress his/her snowman!

Finished Snowmen Craft

The students each got a snowman and then had to request all pieces.  I tried to have my higher functioning students use longer phrases when requesting.  For example “I want blue hat” or “blue hat please”.  For other students I just had them say or point to the hat.  Then I gave them a choice of 2 colors – “blue or green” for my students who are still learning their colors or are non-verbal.  That way the student can point to the color he/she wants and I can model the color term again.  If the student is verbal I have him/her say the color word before giving him/her the hat.   I do this for the mittens, scarf, and buttons.

Articulation Groups  –  I also used this book and craft with some of my speech therapy articulation groups.  I have a couple groups of students working on cluster reduction and also the /s/ sound so this was the perfect activity to get away from just artic cards.  For my students, I had each student take a turn reading the page and really focus on producing the /s/ sound on “snowman” and even “scarf” for some pages.  Then after the student put the correct snowman on the page, I had him/her say another phrase about the snowman.  For example “a blue hat on the snowman” or “the snowman is wearing a blue hat”.  The more repetitions the better!

While make the snowman craft, the student had to say a /s-blend/ word 5 times before he/she got the color item.  For example, after saying “snow” 5 times I gave my student the color hat he/she wanted.  This activity really elicited a lot of /s-blends/ in a fun and different way.

Snowman Craft final

Don’t forget to check out some Valentine Material on Teachers Pay Teachers during the Sale!

Cupid, Cupid What Do You See? is an adapted book for Valentine’s Day!


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