I am not quite up to speed with my September lesson plans yet, but I do have some freebie links for ya! I have to give my classroom staff something to photocopy and laminate, right? If you are new to the Autism Helper block – I post my monthly lesson plans along with loads of links for differently leveled freebies. Level 1 Learners are nonverbal, lower verbal, and working on emerging academic and foundational skills. Level 2 Learners are working on K-1 academic skills and are mostly verbal. Level 3 Learners are working on higher level academic skills (2-5) with a heavy focus on social skills development!

Level 1 Freebie Links: 

Level 2 Freebie Links:

Level 3 Freebie Links: 


Happy downloading! More September & fall goodies {AND CLASSROOM PICS} coming next week!! 🙂

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