Including Fall, Winter and Spring

Christmas Party Planning Setup Kit

While the holidays do bring loads of fun things like social appropriateness to eating cookies and candy before 9am and an excuse to make online shopping your second job it also can bring a lot of challenges for our classrooms. Holidays equal schedule...

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Christmas Cookie Freebie

Last year, I gave away the most adorable Christmas themed work task freebie and it was actually the inspiration for my monthly free work tasks through the newsletter this year. (Are you signed up? You should be! Sign up here!) I was too excited to pull...

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Summer Academic Activities

Summer Reading Centers and Literacy Games These are an oldie but goodie. If you pack these up during the year, it's like a special treat unpacking them ready to roll for summer school. These Summer Reading Centers and Literacy Games give a little bit for everyone and...

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Summer Treats & Snacks Visual Recipes

Whether you are trudging your way through the final days of the school year, embarking on an epic summer school journey, or getting yourselves nestled in for a fun summer home with your own babies - it's time for some fun. It's time to loosen the reigns, let your hair...

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