It’s a whole lotta work to setup an autism classroom. I think I have permanent blisters on my fingers from cutting laminating. Having an overwhelming amount of rescues is essential in our rooms. Bored students = naughty students. We need to make sure we have enough work tasks that cover the very wide range of skills our student need to work on, enough that our students don’t get bored, enough that our students can generalize skills to new tasks, and enough that our speed demon workers don’t have an unnecessary amount of break time. But that daunting task of creating activities is intimidating to even the most veteran teacher. Here is a simple solution for creating a system to rotate binder of work between similar students!


1. Group students by level and make binders.

Group students together who are of similar level and who are working on similar goals. Make the amount of binders that there are students in the group. For this group, there are 3 students and 3 binders.

The Autism Helper


The Autism Helper


2. Assign each student a day with each binder.

The student will only be doing the binder one day a week. This will be great because there is less of a chance for them to get bored and/or memorize the work!

3. Show staff how the binder system works.

Students do the binder on the assigned day. This system is great for a station run by a paraprofessional. Show them how the system works to ensure the students are getting the right binder each day!

The Autism Helper


Check out all of the great work included in these binders! There is a little bit of everything math & science included in this binder system!


Included in this resources set: Interactive Math Work Book, Time Mega Pack, Basic Skills Vocabulary Unit, and Non-Identical Sorting File Folder Activities.


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