I’m always working on categorization and building up vocabulary skills with my students so I created these Receptive Category Cards Previously, I created Category Cards in which the student is given a card with 3 items on it and needs to name the category in which the items belong.  I think of this as an expressive language task.  This time I wanted to focus on the student receptively identifying items which belong in a given category.  This set contains 108 receptive category cards.

Each card has four items on it and the student has to identify which item belongs in the given category.  For example, “find the appliance” or “find the animal”.

Even with my students who can name categories sometimes had difficulty when I used these receptive language cards.  With my non-verbal students I name all the items on the card and then I ask them to find the item within that category.  The student can just point to the picture which matches the given description.  If the student has an AAC system they can name the item on his/her device.  For example, “find the fruit” or “find the insect”.

When working with my verbal students I often have my students point to each picture on the card and have them name each item.  This helps work on naming skills and building up their vocabulary.  If he or she can read I have them read the item they need to find such as “find the tool”.  If they can’t read then I read them the category description for them to find.

I created 3 cards for each category.  You know how I like lots of trials!

For some of my students still learning category skills or with low receptive language skills I often pair an additional visual with the category name.  For example, with the card “find the drink” I also hold up a small visual drink category card to pair with it.  Then the student finds the drink picture on their card.  I may do all three drink cards together and only target 5 – 6 different category concepts until my student masters those categories and then add in new category concepts each week.

Lots of ways to use these cards which is different for the average task of naming categories.  You can find these cards on TPT with the link – Receptive Category Cards  

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