Let’s be honest for a minute. While you all know I love a good adapted book and file folder activities make my soul smile, they can take for freaken ever to prep. There is a reason each of you doesn’t have 302 file folder activities ready to go in your classrooms – sometimes you want to watch tv or heck, go to the bathroom. I get it. Great resources can be time consuming to prep. And time is a luxury in our field. Sometimes we just need something that is quick and easy.

I made a version of these quick review pages a few years ago and then added a few more versions for different teachers I was consulting with this fall. I got a ton of comments on the photos I posted of these so decided to add a few more variations and make it a complete resource. I am pretty much loving how they turned out and seeing students work with these all fall. A few teachers I am working with plopped these bad boys in top loading sheets and students complete daily with a dry erase marker. Easy. Peasy. 

There are 10 different review pages included in the Quick Review Pages to account for the wide variety of skills you many be working on with your students. There are 3 different language arts pages, 2 math, 3 personal info, 1 basic skills, and 1 calendar vocabulary. Mix and match to find the best set for each student.  

Some of your kids may not know all this info yet and that’s okay! This is my FAVORITE sneaky instruction trick that actually requires minimal direct instruction. 

Set up an anchor chart (or just print an extra copy of each page and write in the correct answers) and have students copy from the anchor chart each day. After a few weeks of doing that, pull that anchor chart away (sorry kiddo!) and I have a feeling that might know their phone number all on their own now! 

Check out the video product preview to view every page. I love using this resource as part of a daily binder, for extra work at direct instruction areas, or for centers. I have one paraprofessional who uses this now at her fluency station. While she is working on fluency with one student the other 2 at the table work on these pages and then they switch. It works so well! 

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