The other speech therapist I work with got these Prepositional Word books from Lakeshore Learning and I thought they would go perfect with my preposition theme!  The resource is called Prepositional Words – Emergent Readers and it comes with 6 hard covered books which all target different prepositional concepts.  I used some of these books with my preschool and kindergarten groups for my preposition theme.

Each book has a different animal attached to a ribbon and the student moves the animal and places it in a different location on each page.  The books are short and only have 7 pages each.  A lot of times during my therapy sessions I do 2-3 different activities to keep the students engaged since their attention span is usually pretty limited.  So having a short book to use at the beginning or end of my session when I have a few extra minutes works for me.

These books are also good for your students learning how to read.  I have the students help me read some of the sight words on each page or sound out the targeted animal word in each book.  The student and I read the words on the page and then I have the student place the animal in the correct location.  For example, we read “the pig is under the bridge”.  Then the student takes the pig and places it under the bridge.


“The pig is on top of the dirt”.  The student takes the pig and places it on the dirt.  There are not a lot of options to put the animal on each page but again the more practice with these prepositional concepts the better.  It is just another visual paired with the prepositional concept.

I think the pictures in this book are simple and cute for the younger students.  The fox is next to the rock and the fox is on the log.

My students loved the book “The Great Bug Race” and thought it was so funny where the lady bug was on some of the pages.  Such as “The bug is under the spider” and “the bug is on top of the snail.”

After I read the Pig or Hen book with some of my preschoolers I used my farm set and targeted some of those same prepositional concepts during a short structured play session.  I had the students take turns following directions and placing the animals where I said.  For example, “put the pig in the pig pen” or “take the pig out of the pig pen”.

“Put the horse on the barn” or “put the horse in the barn”.  Farm animals are great to use during structured play to target these prepositional concepts.

“Put the farmer between the pigs.”  There are lots of locations for all the different animals on the farm! For some of your higher students you can try and have them give the directions to you or another student in the group.

If you are interested in those Prepositional Books you can find them on the Lakeshore Learning Website.  Here is the link –   https://www.lakeshorelearning.com/products/language/vocabulary/positional-words-emergent-readers/p/TT322

If you have older students I’ll share about some higher level preposition adapted books next week.

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