Woohoo! You are taking a community trip! Awesome. You are going to have so much fun and your student will have a great learning experience. Now before you head out the door there are a few must-dos!

1. Get your ducks in a row.

Even though this isn’t your traditional “field trip” like going to the museum or a zoo – you still need to follow your school’s policies when it comes to paperwork and permission slips etc. So if you are doing 3 community trips this month – that means 3 sets of forms etc. It can be a pain but this is for you and your students’ safety. Your school and your students’ parents need to know where every child is at all times. So first thing – make sure your paperwork is set.

2. Change the schedule.

Even though this is a good change to the schedule – it’s still a change. You need to make sure you prep your kids for that change. Add it to your calendar, talk about it for the days coming up to it, and that morning change the schedule. Add in a new icon or write it in. Even though this something fun and exciting, change is still hard.

3. Pack a bag.

Now I don’t mean a massive bag but there are some things you will need. Here is my go-to list:

  • hand sanitizer and kleenex
  • communication system (PECS book or AAC device) if needed
  • back up reinforcer (an iPad, candy, etc. – you want to bring a secret, stowaway high-powered reinforcer and only bring this out in case of emergency; if things aren’t going well and your student is having a hard time, he may need something to work for)
  • toiling supplies if needed
  • mini schedule or visuals (depending on the activity)

The little bit of extra prep is key to success! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some specific visuals you can bring to increase and improve communication!

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