Need to work on possessive pronouns?  Check out these Possessive Pronoun Grammar Cards This set contains 72 cards which require the student to select the correct possessive pronoun to complete the sentence.

Teaching grammar is not easy and I often focus on one concept at time.  This set of possessive pronoun grammar cards focuses on the student selecting the correct “his”, “her”, “its” or “their” possessive pronoun.  The student has to determine which pronoun goes in the blank.  The answer is always going to be one of those possessive pronouns but our students need that repetition.

You can help the student understand that something belongs to the person/animal in the picture.  For example, “Dylan is doing his homework”.   Whose homework is it?  It is “his” homework.  The homework belongs to Dylan.

After they understand those possessive pronouns I can use other tasks/activities to have the student work on identifying if they need to use a possessive pronoun or another pronoun.  For example, I might work on my student using she/her where some of the sentences do use the “she” pronoun and some use the “her” pronoun after the have worked on both concepts separately.  However for these cards I only targeted the answers to be those possessive pronouns.  Grammar takes repetition and memorization!

You can use these cards during therapy or teacher time instruction.  You can read the card to your students or have them read the card to you and determine which pronoun to use.

Your students can also complete this independently and circle the correct answer with a dry erase marker.  After the student does a set number of cards you can check them to make sure he/she is understanding the concept.

If you are interested in these cards you can find them on TPT with the link – Possessive Pronoun Grammar Cards

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