If you are using some type of daily picture schedule, you know how time consuming it can be to set up the pictures each day. Here is a tip to help save you LOADS of time. Make mini schedule to reference! If the schedule stays the same each day, just make one. If it switches each day you can make one for each day and label each one.

I post mine right next to the schedule. Now it’s super duper fast for me or my paraprofessionals to set up the schedule. We just check out the order of the pictures and put them up in that order 🙂

Or I post it right into the binder:

In past years, when I have had tons of kids on picture schedules that changed daily. I made these strips for each day of the week:

and then you can just put it in the binder each day and match the pictures when setting up schedules.


You want to know the best part of this all?? I can know have my students set up their schedule for the following day? Talk about time saver! Plus, I like the idea of the kids getting to see what is on the agenda for tomorrow. It is super easy for the kids to set up because they just match the pictures!

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