I love using sorts to work on a wide range of literacy skills. Sorts are interactive, engaging, and require no velcro! Sold yet? These sorts are some of my favorites. Grammar concepts can be tricky for some learners to fully master and these hands-on resources help provide that much needed extra practice!

This resource – 4 Parts of Speech Literacy Centers – works on identifying parts of speech (noun, verb, and adjective) in a hands-on way and has a corresponding worksheet. These centers are great for independent work, reading centers, homework, or direct instruction. Have students complete the centers on their own or use as a structured teaching task.

Centers included: 

Sort Noun, Verb, and Adjectives: Sort words based on part of speech.

Part of Speech Discrimination: Sort words based on part of speech. Identify which words are a noun, verb, or adjective and which are not.

Match Missing Word to Sentence: Find the appropriate noun, verb, or adjective that is missing in each sentence.

Match Word to Part of Speech: Match the underlined word in each sentence to the correct part of speech.

Each center comes with a label for the task and a corresponding worksheet!



Check out these centers for some great independent work for your students!

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