I’m always trying to make my data systems better and more efficient. When working with students with challenging behavior, data is often the first thing to fly out the window (sometimes literally…). Having data all on one page in a compressed and organized setup can make the data process as streamlined as possible! Sometimes flipped through binders, no matter how beautifully organized they are, is too much work. When you have a busy kid and need to stay on your feet you need something you can grab and go. One page. One clipboard. Our trusty counter right on top. Done and done. There is enough space for each day for each IEP goal we are currently tracking and the behavior data all at the bottom.

I like that you can “set it up” and get the dates ready and stimuli if need be. Staff Management Tip: This is a great, non-confrontational way of address the data taking issue. When you start a new data system, you can re-do some training, review importance of data, etc. I love that there are 5 spots for data each week which helps highlight days where data wasn’t taken.

What is that counter you ask? Only the best 2 bucks I’ve spent from amazon. You click each time a behavior occurs. It’s easy, discrete, and is perfect for high frequency behaviors. For this guy we are currently tracking screams and some days we are well over 50+. We click each time the scream happens and jot it down at the end of the day.

Download this data sheet for free here: One-Week-Data-Sheet. It’s a powerpoint so you can customize for your students’ goals ? If you are having trouble downloading you can also access it through google drive here.

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