Another Old Lady Book?  It’s true…..“There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey!”  Perfect book to get around this time of the year and use these book visuals and follow up visual and written questions to pair with it.  Click the link for a Free Copy of the book pictures and follow up questions – there-was-an-old-lady-turkey

This is the same format I have done for the other Old Lady books but it seems to work well for my students.  I like using these books for therapy and small group instruction.  These books make it easy to pair a visual with each item the old lady swallows.  Plus it targets vocabulary and sequencing skills.  The student selects the correct picture to match the item in the book.

I like to ask “wh” questions throughout the book which also include those sequential terms.  “What did the old lady swallow fourth?”  “a balloon”.  You can even ask follow-up questions such as “What color is the balloon?”, “What does the balloon look like?” or “Why did she swallow the balloon?”

Use the larger book pictures to work on re-sequencing the story.  I have students working on sequencing skills so this book works perfect to target that goal.  Keep modeling those sequential terms “first, second, “third, etc”.  The more practice the better!

Have the students complete the visual or written questions after reading the book.  You can change the level of prompting the students need.  Some students are able to answer the questions almost independently while others need more support.

Fall Identification Board.  Click here for a FREE Copy of my Fall Identification Board   —fall-identification-board

I use this board to target Fall vocabulary concepts and following directions.  There are different ways you can use this activity depending on your students’ level.  I usually have the students find the number 1 on the board.  Then we point to all the Fall items in that row as we say the name of each item.  For example, “turkey, leaf, corn”.  If your students know the items they can say them first if not model the terms for the students.  For my verbal students I usually have them repeat the vocabulary terms and sometimes I have my students with AAC systems find the items on his/her device.

Then I give the students 1-2 step directions depending on his/her skill level.  For some students I give 1-step directions and I go in the order of the fall items in that row.  For other students I give multi-step directions and vary the order of the items.   Simple directions for Row 1 – “Touch/Find the turkey….Color the turkey brown”.   “Touch the leaf…..color the leaf orange.”  For other students I combine the directions into multi-step commands, “Color the turkey brown” or “Color the turkey brown and the corn yellow.”  You can continue this way for rows 2, 3, and 4.

If you wanted to make it even more challenging you could have the students identify the items by its feature or function.  For example: “Find the one you wear on your head and color it purple.”  “Find the fruit and color it red.”

For you higher students you can have the students take turns giving the directions to each other.   This is great for turn-taking and having the students formulate their own utterances.  Plus my students really like to be “in charge” so it’s more motivating for them.


Check out these super cute Turkeys my preschool classroom did.

Paint the student’s palm of the hand one color and the fingers another color.  Place the student’s hand on a piece of paper.

Add eyes and legs and you have a turkey!  The students can pick the colors to paint on their hands or you can do it as a following direction activity.  The students can cut out their turkeys.

Super Cute little Turkey Hands!!!!

Hope your students enjoy the book!

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey – there-was-an-old-lady-turkey

Fall Identification Board – fall-identification-board

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