If your students can do the first level Non-Example Task Cards they might be ready for a challenge.  Check out these new Non-Example Level 2 Task Cards.  The set contains 81 task cards.  Lots of opportunity for practice!

Each Non-Example Level 2 card has 2 pictures on it and the student has to identify which item meets the given “Not” criteria.  It might seem easy because the student only has a choice of 2 answers but it really is more difficult.  For the Level 1 Non-Example cards the student has to identify the item which meets the “Not” criteria given a choice of 4 pictures.  Often times if my students know categories and have done what doesn’t belong they can visually identify which one doesn’t belong in the group.  Now when they only are presented with only 2 choices there are no other visual supports to help them figure out which one does not belong.  They have to understand what “Not” means and the other descriptive concept on the card.

At first my student will often point to the one which meets the given description and not understand that “not” concept.  For example, “find the one that is not for writing”.  The student hears or knows writing and will point to the pencil and identify a pencil for writing.  I have to really work on that “not” concept and might even say “no writing” and use an “X” symbol to help understand that not concept.  I help the student identify the “glue is not for writing”.

If the student is verbal and can read have the student read the card and then point to or verbally identify the one that meets the not description.  You can also read the card to your student if he/she can’t read.

There are cards with the same concept but different pictures on them because those concepts can have multiple meanings such as “tail” or “shell”.

For your non-verbal students you can read the card to them and have them point to the answer or find the item on their AAC device.

Lots of good practice for that AAC device!

This is a hard concept so the more practice the better.  If your student demonstrates understanding of this “not” concept he/she can complete some of the cards during an individual work station.  Have the student use a dry erase marker and circle the item which meets the “not” criteria.  Then you can check the student’s answers after they complete a set number of cards.

If you are interested in these cards you can find them on TPT with the link – Non-Example Task Cards Level 2 

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