Last week I shared with you about my new Present Progressive Grammar Cards to help students build up those important grammar skills.  As some of you might have noticed I’ve been on this kick lately to make both grammar and vocabulary task cards!  I just finished making some Association Cards to target vocabulary skills.  These cards are different then the naming categories or identify which item doesn’t belong in a group of items.  The Association Cards require the student to identify which 2 items from a group of 4 items have a relationship and why.  The set contains 72 Association Cards.

I just started using these cards with my students during small group instruction/speech therapy sessions.  First, I have the student name all four items on the card so I know if the student knows all the items and also because many of my students need to work on naming items.  Then I have the student tell me which two items go together.  I found my students can often tell me which 2 items go together but explaining “WHY” those items go together is very challenging.

I provide models at the beginning to help the students understand how to explain the relationship.  For example; after my student identifies the paper and pencil go together but can’t tell me why, I might help by prompting with the phrase “the pencil and paper go together because you use a pencil ….” Then my student might finish the explanation by stating “to write on paper” or “on paper”.

“The bird and the cage go together because the bird lives…..”  Hopefully my student can tell me the bird lives in the bird cage.

“The ring and the finger go together because you wear the ring…..” and the student can finish with “on your finger”.

These cards are also good to use if you have students working on answering “why” questions.  You can use the cards to ask a question.  For example “why do the camera and the picture go together” or “why do the cow and milk go together.”

I also created a worksheet to pair with the association cards.  You can give your students a set number of cards and have the students write their answers on the worksheet.  If you are interested in these cards check them out on TPT – Association Cards


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