To round out this Halloween season I read the Halloween Edition Count, Color, & Name Wh-Question Adapted Book to my students and we made Jack-O-Lanterns and Candy Corn.

I have been obsessed with using these Count, Color, and Name adapted books Sasha made.  These adapted books have been really successful for my students in therapy.  So for this month I used the Halloween edition version.  Each page has 2 different sets of Halloween items.  For each set of Halloween items the students have to count how many items, find the correct color to match the items, and determine what the item is.

You can easily change the level of prompting you give the students while reading this book.  Some of my students need more support.  For these students I help them point/touch each item as we count together.  If the student is still working on number identification I might just give student the correct number to model for that errorless learning or I provide the student a choice of 2 numbers.  I might also provide a choice of 2 colors for the student to choice from and then 2 objects for the final component.  This helps reduced the visual field for those students who need more support.

For my higher student, I provide less prompting.  I have the student count the items and find the correct number from all the numbers.  I do the same with the color and objects.  After the student places the correct number, color, and object picture on the book I have them say the phrase.  For example “seven green cupcakes.”  I have many student working on using longer utterances so touching the pictures while saying the phrase is super helpful and allows the students to formulate 3 word utterances.

This is a great craft to work on following directions, sequencing, modeling action verbs, and turn-taking with peers.  The Jack-O-Lantern paint consists of equal parts of glue, shaving cream, and then a few drops of yellow and red food coloring.

I set up the activity by lining up the 3 ingredients and modeling the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd concepts…1st -glue, 2nd-shaving cream, and 3rd-food coloring.  I have the kids help me by saying “Ready….Set….Pour!” for the glue as we pour it into the bowl.  Then the kids take turns shaking the shaving cream before we add it to the mix….”shake, shake, shake“.  After you add the shaving cream and glue have the kids count out equal drops of red and yellow food color to add to the mix.

We pass the mixture around and take turns stirring the mixture…”stir, stir, stir“.  The kids love watching the mixture turn ORANGE!

I just had my students paint the mixture onto small paper plates.  This makes it easy for the kids to know where to paint.

I used foam pieces for the faces.  You can either have the students follow directions to make a specific face such as “find 1 blue circle and 1 red circle for the eyes”.  If they students create his/her own face I ask follow up questions to make sure they know the colors and shapes of their Jack-O-Lanterns Face.

All you need for this craft is orange, yellow, and white construction paper.  Have the student either cut or tear piece of orange, yellow, and white construction paper.

The students glue the orange pieces on the bottom of the triangle.  I used a crayon to outline the color of each section.  This help my students know where to color it and not just put the orange pieces all over the triangle.

You can also have the students work on requesting each item.  They can request strips of paper to rip and the glue multiple times during the craft.  I think they turned out great.

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