I have students who need to work on answering “what doing” questions, using correct pronouns, using correct helping verbs, and expanding their utterances so I created these Present Progressive Grammar Cards to help target some of those skills.  The set contains 72 Present Progressive Grammar Cards.  The students need to finish the sentence by adding the correct present progressive verb form.

These cards can be used to target a variety of goals.  I have some students whose goals may include answering “wh” questions.  When I write goals I tend to include also answering “what doing” questions.  When you show the student the picture you can ask “what is the boy/girl doing?” or “what are the children doing?”  At the beginning you might need to provide choices for answers.  For example, “she is eating or she is walking?”  “He is standing or he is sitting?”  This might help the students understand the correct form to use.

I have some students who might have a grammar goal and one of the benchmarks includes using correct pronouns or maybe helping verbs.  Some of the students may not be able to read yet so you can show them the card and the student can determine the correct pronoun and is/are helping verb to use in the sentence.  Other times I let the student read the cards at first as a way to practice and have lots of correct models.  Then to make it more challenging, I just put a sticky note over the pronoun and helping verb so the student can’t read them.  After the student produces the utterance we can pull off the sticky note to check the answer.

I also have students who I am working on expanding their utterances.  For example, when I show my student the card with the girl writing, my student would say “pencil” or “write”.  The goal for these student might include; “Using classroom material, the student will describe a curricular term or describe a visual picture using a 2-4 word combination in a set number of opportunities with so much prompting”.  For these student I have them touch each box as they say the words so they know they have to say at least three words.  “She is writing”.  “They are riding.”

The students may go on to expand the utterances even longer.  For example, “she is painting a picture” or “they are eating watermelon”.

These cards are also great to use with students using AAC devices to navigate the device to find the correct verbs.  My one student who I share about a lot uses a Nova Chat.  She is doing awesome navigating to the verb page and finding the correct verb to identify what is happening in the picture.  In the upcoming weeks I am going to work with her on expanding those utterance on her device to say the complete phrase such as “they are reading” or “she is clapping”.

If you are interested in these card you can find them on TPT with the following link – Present Progressive Grammar Cards.  

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