I’ve got a SUPER exciting new promo coming at ya! This school year we will be giving 3 FREE seasonal work tasks each month. You can grab these work tasks only through the newsletter so be sure to sign up. The work tasks will range in level of difficulty so there will be a little bit for everyone and all be on a holiday/seasonal theme!

Monthly Newsletter Sign Up:

I love the idea of having 3 “seasonal” work task boxes in your independent work system. Leave 3 box empty and switch out the task each month with these new and fun ones! The newsletter will usually go out around the 25th (this month we will go tomorrow) so you will have plenty of time to prep the tasks!

Many of the tasks include an easier and harder version or an anchor chart so as many of your students as possible can utilize these tasks! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t! If you are reading this past the 31st – still sign up! You will get a welcome email with these work tasks attached! Enjoy, my friends!!

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