Sometimes the simplest tool is your most valuable one. I started making these mini token economies way back when my first year teaching. These star charts are still one of my most used tools. If I am meeting with a new client or have a new student that I don’t know too much about yet, I always make sure I have this little resource handy. Reinforcement is so important but almost just as important is that your student knows that the reinforcer is coming. Many of our learners struggle with receptive language so saying “First work then iPad” may not be understood by all students. This star chart shows exactly what the student is working for and how far he is away from getting it! 

This system is a visual board that says “I am working for…” with space to velcro a picture of the chosen reinforcer and space for 3-5 stars. The student will pick a reinforcer from the choice board of visuals for all items. While working, the teacher can deliver stars for good behavior or correct responses. Once the student gets all the stars, he/she earns the reinforcer. 

This packet includes:

  • a 3 and 5 star “I am working for…” board
  • stars for the board
  • a 4 and 8 space choice board
  • 30 different visuals for common reinforcers (including technology items, food, toys, break, and special activity)

Tiny tip: Put a strip of velcro on the back and store your extra stars there. You can easily find them when you need them to add another star on! Also always make one extra – they WILL get lost! 

Sasha Long
Sasha Long

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