I am all about math tasks that are functional. I am also all about tasks that are engaging and motivating to students. Food and math collide in perfect harmony with these menu math activities. Students love working on these tasks because they get to talk about chicken tenders and pepsi. Teachers love working on these tasks because it prepares our kiddos for the real world all while still sneaking in some academics.

I recommend laminating some menus. They last longer and will be way more durable. I like to give students a list of items I’d like to order and have them find the items and add up the total. You can have them add it on their own or use a calculator!

The Autism Helper


The Autism Helper


You can take it a step farther and have students make change.

The Autism Helper

My students also love “playing restaurant.” Someone gets to be the waiter. They take orders. Give bills. Make change. Throwing in a little social skill works is the frosting on the cake with this great activity!


So grab a few take out menus and some play money and get working on those functional math skills!


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