I get super sick of velcro. It seems like my staff and I constantly cutting, sticking, or ordering velcro. On a regular basis, my butt is covered with this:


So take a break from velcro and emerge yourself into the world of sorts. Especially for your higher functioning learners, sorts are a great way to work on a skill in an interactive and hands-on way with a little less structure than a traditional velcro task.

My favorite set of sorts are our Math Sorts for Early Childhood and Special Education. These sorts work on addition/subrtaction, time, and money. Students interact with the materials to group similar clocks, coin sets, or math problems. After they complete the sort – they can copy the answers onto the coordinating worksheet and you can see the finished product. These are perfect for independent work!






Stay organized with labels for each of these sorts!



Check out the full video tour and see every page of Math Sorts for Early Childhood and Special Education:


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