To put it nicely, math is not my favorite subject but this resource makes it so much more bearable! I love that these 10 Math Centers for Early Childhood or Special Education incorporate a wide range of math skills. I used to really have a tendency to focus only on math equations. My kids were so far behind on completing math operations that I felt like I needed to focus all of my math energies there. But in doing so, I was slacking out so many critical and functional math skills such as time, money, fractions, measuring, estimating, patterns, and more. This resource made sure my kids are getting a well-rounded math education!

This resource contains 10 Math Centers. The best part of this resource is the organization. It takes up one shelf and everything fits neatly into binders. Each center is visually based and comes with visual directions, worksheets, and task cards. It’s structured and predictable making it perfect independent work.

Here is a peak into the centers!

Do you love teaching math? What are you favorite concepts to teach?

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