I probably sound like a broken record but lately every month I am shock – yes literally shocked that a new month has sprung up. Time seems to be just flying by. If you’ve been reading some of my posts and facebook statuses lately – you know February was a rough month for me. We had high rates of aggression, staff issues, student depression, and parent meetings literally coming out of my ears. I felt like the hammer in a wackamole game – I put out one fire and another popped up just a few feet away. No lies my friends – I’m tired. And I’m ready for a fresh start with the month of March.

Here are the product and resources that will be getting me through the month:

No month is complete with a bingo game! March Bingo had some great vocabulary terms and also works on fine discrimination!

The Autism Helper - March Products The Autism Helper - March Products

This month’s freebie is a fun one! Logical Leprechauns works on problem solving skills and is perfect to work on in small groups. Social emotional learning has been slacking in my room lately so I will definitely be utilizing this a lot this month!

The Autism Helper - March Products

We just finished our Winter Vocabulary Unit. My aide has been using this with several students at one of our centers to work on receptive and expressive vocabulary. She has LOVED it and eagerly asks me for the next set. We start St. Patrick vocab a week ago already! Anything that my aide loves taking data is fine by me! Our spring vocabulary unit is ready to roll out!

The Autism Helper - March Products

I love including all of my students in our seasonal themes. Thematic file folder tasks are a great way to work on basic level skills in a fun way and build in some generalization! This month we will be using St. Patrick’s Day File Folder Activities.

The Autism Helper - March Products

In social studies this month, we will be working on our Community Signs Unit. Great for functional life skills!

The Autism Helper - March Products

With all of our frequent – and I mean frequent – changes in the weather this is a perfect time to delve more into talking about the weather. Weather Mega Pack to the rescue!

The Autism Helper - March Products

Great news, friends! You can snag all of these products on super sale today and tomorrow. TpT is hosting a sale and you can get an extra percentage off. Shop now for 28% off savings!

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