Let’s be real. Setting up picture schedules is a pain the a**. And things that are a pain in the a** are things that we eventually “forget” to do. As we have stressed this week during our schedule-palooza: schedules are a not a choice. Schedules are a necessity. And if you aren’t cool with locking up your iPhone for the 12 hours and not looking at it at all, then you shouldn’t expect your students to be cool with not having a schedule once in a while. Schedules = as important as your venti coffee.

That all being said, just because setting up schedules are a pain doesn’t mean we can’t get creative with some sneaky ways to make this process less time consuming and easier. Who doesn’t want something to be easier and less time consuming?! Literally nobody. We only allow the efficiency obsessed on this website.

Check out my favorite tips & tricks for schedule setup speed:

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