The Life Skills Room is one of those things that has been looming near the bottom of my to do list for weeks now. We had partially set it up – enough for some of our kids to use on a daily basis – but it wasn’t set up to my OCD like standards. We still had to make a new schedules, new numbers, and update a few visuals. Well – needless to say it FINALLY got done!


What is it? The Life Skills Room is a small supplementary classroom that another teacher and I use to work on life skills tasks. We asked my principal a few years ago for some extra space and he say yes! We use a room in the basement that is out of the way and that way nobody is jealous of our extra space 🙂 This room contains bigger tasks that work on life skills and vocational tasks. Some of these bigger tasks wouldn’t fit in my classroom.

Why is it important? Many of the parents of my students do not even realize everything their child can do! Although we have an academic focus of course – we need to incorporate life skills training as well! Our kids don’t learn these skills naturally and often need direct instruction on how to accomplish common daily tasks. This will allow our students to become a contributing member of their family and give them greater opportunity for functional independence in the future!

How do you use it? Several students work in small groups with the assistance of a paraprofessional or teacher. Some students use this room more often than others. Students who need more work on these types of tasks go this room daily or several times a week. Other students go once a week or every other week!

How is it organized? We use a visual color coded number schedule. Each task is labeled with a number and students have a mini schedule to show which tasks they need to accomplish. They match the schedule number to the task number, do the work, and then put the schedule number in the finished folder when they are done (spoiler alert: This schedule setup is part of tomorrow’s Freebie Friday!!).




















I store the numbers like this:


What tasks are in the Life Skills Room?

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