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Let’s throw back Thursday with it today and check out one of my favorite endeavors I took on as a teacher – The Life Skills Room!

What is it? The Life Skills Room is a small supplementary classroom that another teacher and I use to work on life skills tasks. We asked my principal a few years ago for some extra space and he say yes! We use a room in the basement that is out of the way and that way nobody is jealous of our extra space 🙂 This room contains bigger tasks that work on life skills and vocational tasks. Some of these bigger tasks wouldn’t fit in my classroom.

Why is it important? Many of the parents of my students do not even realize everything their child can do! Although we have an academic focus of course – we need to incorporate life skills training as well! Our kids don’t learn these skills naturally and often need direct instruction on how to accomplish common daily tasks. This will allow our students to become a contributing member of their family and give them greater opportunity for functional independence in the future!

How do you use it? Several students work in small groups with the assistance of a paraprofessional or teacher. Some students use this room more often than others. Students who need more work on these types of tasks go this room daily or several times a week. Other students go once a week or every other week!

How is it organized? We use a visual color coded number schedule. Each task is labeled with a number and students have a mini schedule to show which tasks they need to accomplish. They match the schedule number to the task number, do the work, and then put the schedule number in the finished folder when they are done. Snag this schedule for free here!




















I store the numbers like this:


What tasks are in the Life Skills Room?



file paper by color

food pyramid

hair rollers

label body parts


match socks



sort lids

sort lights and darks

sort silverware and napkins

sort silverware



Is it too early to start prepping for next year? Oh wait… this year isn’t over…

Snag these visuals and setup guides in my Work Task Mega Pack and Advanced Work Task Mega Pack. 


  1. Awesome Sasha! Thanks for sharing! Im going to incorporate this in our homeschooling program, Thanks for the reminder as I ow the Work Task Mega pack already 🙂 but didn’t come to the stage of using it yet… Love the color coded task schedule, Im going to use them for our workboxes!

  2. Great! let me know how it goes 🙂

  3. I’m looking for new ideas for higher functioning students. My guys can do the basics – but need a notch up in difficulty. They file by zip code, months, days, assemble multi-step items, etc. Suggestions?

  4. I want know every thing about life skills special children autism
    You can tell me any books about this

  5. What about computer based work tasks? We have been loving these Data Entry Tasks. Works on computer skills, following directions, etc. Also check out my Advanced Work Task Pack – Has tasks such as sorting countries by continent, sorting books be genre, answering questions about recipe, etc. Hope this helps!

  6. I would love to know where you purchased the set the table place mats! I started getting the task box together and feel the place mats are essential. Thanks in advance

  7. what about teaching banking? I taught my kiddos bank terms, writing checks, and balancing checkbook.

  8. Love those ideas!

  9. This is an amazing idea!! I am so jealous of your extra room. As always, you provided me with a lot of great ideas. Thank you!!

  10. This was my total and complete reasoning for going into Montessori..1 whole section of the classroom is on life skills…children love it.Helps with fine motor and pincer grip and teaches responsibility and builds self confidence. Especially when the parents give them things to do at home..they love sweeping mopping and grating carrots and cheese

  11. Love that! 🙂

  12. I really love the body parts chart that you photographed. Where did you purchase the large outline or did you make it?

  13. It was from Lakeshore Learning but I can’t find it online now. I will look around for a similar one to link!

  14. I love your items. Where can I find the placemat for setting the table? I would like t work with my students in setting the table so they can help out around the house.

  15. Thanks Sasha. You have some wonderful ideas. Where did you find the food pyramid?

  16. Where do you get the body part supplies?

    • I made the labels and got the body felt board from a school supply store!


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