I call the Leveled Daily Work my first baby of year long resources. It was the fist resource I made that was designed to last the whole year. Although it took forever to create, I loved the results. This was the perfect way to start the morning for my class and having the 3 different levels and enough pages for the whole year made the day to day prep work nonexistent. Here is how Leveled Daily Work goes in action:

Post or display the prompt pages.

So the main chunk of this resource are the prompt pages. There are 180 so one for every day of the school year. You can print them all and display one a day, pull them up on the iPad, or project them use a smart board or presenter.

Have students respond on their worksheets.

There is one double sided worksheet for students to respond with everyday. You print one of these and then make a bunch of photocopies. This is seriously the easiest prep ever. The response worksheet is the same each day but the prompt page changes so they will have different answers every day.

Check the work as a group or individually.

My favorite way to use this resource was to have students complete the work independently and then this was the first thing we did when we came together for literacy groups. We reviewed and checked through the daily work. One group of my students needed more help so we did the page together but two other groups could do it on their own. This also works really well as a paraprofessional run station!

Repeat every single day.

The beauty of this is that because there are 180 pages in each unit you can follow the same routine each day and the content changes. This works so well for our kids! Learn more about this resource.

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