The Leveled Daily Work is my baby. It was my first adventure into year-long resources and it got me hooked. Having one component of the classroom completely (and I mean completely!) check off of my to do list for the entire year was a feeling like no other. My kids immediately took to the daily work. The structure stayed the same but the content changed each day. They quickly learned how to do it. And reviewing it together to start off our language arts block quickly became my favorite part of my day. I loved seeing how independent they became, how increasingly complex their responses became, and how much great practice it gave them every day.

I’ve loved seeing how this resource can be adapted in other classrooms. The differentiation options are pretty amazing. Here are a few ways to utilize my favorite resource:

Print, Post, and Go

The “traditional” way to utilize this resource is to print all of the response pages and post one each day for students to respond to. This is the perfect independent or para-run center. Stock up student binders with photocopies of the student page and switch up the response page every morning. It is a lot of ink to print but once you print them they are good for a while! We are on year 3 of our printed versions and they still look great!

Some tips:

  • Make it a student job to switch out the page each day.
  • If you are using for independent work, review with students after they complete it. Provide reinforcement for work that is well done.
  • Make a cheat sheet of who is doing each level so you and your paras don’t forget.
  • Keep extra masters of the student response page in a safe space so you can quickly reload binders.
  • Make it more challenging by requiring complete sentences for the responses to the questions.

Each Kid Gets Their Own

Since there are so many sheets included in this resource (180 to be exact), instead of using one per day for everybody you can let each student have their own page each day. If your kids are in centers all over the room, aren’t great sharers, or benefit from closely referencing the page – then let everyone have their own page. I love this for my little learners that need it to be a bit up close and personal!

Get Techy With It

What’s super, super, super, super great about this resource is that you situate yourself so you have a center completely planned for the entire year and only use printer ink for the student response page (ie. two black and white pages). Project the daily work prompt on your classroom smart board or display on iPads for the quickest, least ink using, and greenest method ever.  Saving time and the environment in on quick swoop.

Adapt and Make it Work!

You can make each level easier or harder in so many ways. I love the options this gives you. If Level 1 is a bit too tricky, consider highlighting the answers and having the student trace everything, eliminating one word each day, or making it a cut and paste activity.

One of my friends created a Level 1.5 worksheet to go along with Level 1. Students that are right in between use these worksheets with the Level 1 set to take it up a notch! Download the 1.5 Worksheet to go along with Level 1 here – daily-work-1-5. If that didn’t satisfy the need for additional differentiation, let’s try one more time! Check out also the Level 1.3 Worksheet! daily-work-1-3

The options are endless. I just absolutely love this resource and the creative ways everyone has utilized it. And like I said – there is nothing like knowing that one whole part of your day is something that you don’t have to worry about. Check out the Leveled Daily Work Bundle! Without this resource I may have never know which bands some of my students like (lol!).

Check out the video previews of each resource:

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