Creating curriculum is basically a second full time job. I am advocating for second salaries for sped teachers but no such luck quite yet. Creating materials that are aligned to each students’ needs, utilizing assessments, taking data, sequencing skills, and making data based decisions is beyond overwhelming. Also because you can’t just do this whole process one time. You likely have a wide range of types of learners in your classroom. There isn’t a one size fits all solution.

I was frustrated with this whole process. I felt constantly disorganized and like I was just randomly teaching skills with no order or rhyme and reason. I spent hours and hours glued to my laptop like a crazy person. I was a woman on a mission. I was on a mission to create a curriculum that would work for my class. It had to be visual, structured, and straightforward. It had to build on previously mastered skills and also provide generalization and practice to review those mastered concepts. I needed assessments, data sheets, lesson plan templates, and a method to utilize the assessments for future instruction. After a full year under my belt of using the curriculum as well as working loads of teachers who are implementing it in their classroom, I am still loving, loving, loving this set. It’s massive. It’s all inclusive and super organized. Like I said – I’m in love. If you are stressed about curriculum development, I highly recommend checking this out! Click here – Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum Bundle and Math Leveled Daily Curriculum Bundle.

Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum:

The Language Arts Curriculum includes a wide range of skills including vocabulary, grammar, writing, and more. Check out this post to see everything that is included.

Math Leveled Daily Curriculum:

The Math Curriculum is perfect for a varied classroom. It goes from basic number awareness, counting, and identifying by size all the way through to advanced word problems. Check out this post for loads of info and details.

Check out how I set it up last year:

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