For our higher functioning students – especially our ones who are older – we want to continue to make them more and more independent and self-aware. We want to be constantly increasing their self-management skills so they can be a functionally independent adult. It’s all about self-management. Time to let those kiddos be in charge of their own grades!

I added in a little more math into our morning work and made sure to hold my students accountable for their grades. I added a daily math page (from my Addition Mega Pack, Subtraction Mega Pack, or Multiplication Mega Pack).


After students complete their work – they use a calculator to grade it. Yes – I know what you are going to say. And yes I have some cheaters who fix their work. It’s part of the process. And also a natural urge so I am okay with it. That is something we are working on. After the students grade their work – they post it on a big post it.



This way I can check in on their work and they have some accountability for their work.



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