One of the first the thing people comment on when they enter my room is how organized it is. The organization obsession that has slightly taken over my life really didn’t come about until I worked in an autism classroom. There is just SO MUCH GOING ON in our rooms that it feels like we survive at a low level of chaos. That’s just the norm. So to avoid us going into a full blown tailspin of insanity – I organize. It helps the room feel more calm and it helps me feel more in control. I know where everything is. Everything has a spot. I don’t waste time looking for anything. Because lord knows with my caseload – I don’t have a spare minute to waste.

Labeling items helps everyone in the room embrace this organization mission together. You kids can help you put things away in the correct place when things are labeled with visuals.

These labels are part of my Labels for an Autism Classroom. Get your class labeled & organized!

Labeling is also important for our students who struggle with receptive language skills. So often we are telling our kids – go get a crayon or put this in the garbage. Many of our learners don’t understand what we are telling them. Using visual labels will help your students understand your requests and their environment.



Other labels included in this resource – Labels for an Autism Classroom – are:



Check out some ways you can label your work tasks and teacher supplies! With paraprofessionals and clinicians sharing your space – it’s essential to get all of the adults on the same page as well!

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