You may be hesitant to include too many academic tasks in your students independent work activities because your students haven’t completely mastered many of these academic areas. But guess what? Want to hear a little secret? Independent work doesn’t need to be completely mastered. I know. The horror. The shock. It seems wrong. But wait. You can use activities and concepts that aren’t completely mastered as independent work IF you provide the right prompts. And now you are saying… but won’t prompts not make it independent? Not all prompts are adult driven! We can give our students prompts that they use independently. We can give our students prompts in the form of anchor charts, reference pages, and iPads to help them accomplish these slightly tricky tasks all on their own!

Best anchor chart can be made with your iPhone.

The best anchor chart ever isn’t something overly complicated and you can make it in literally 3 steps. Complete a matching task, take a picture, print the picture. DONE. The student matches to sample. What the heck did we do before iPhones?

Incorporate Mini Guides Right On Each Activity

You can put some little “cheat sheets” right onto the matching task. These are two of my favorites below to help build number and color sight word comprehension!

Use Anchor Charts with Tricky File Folder Activities

Get crazy and give your students some file folder activities that are a smidge too hard for them. If they don’t know the color words – throw a color word anchor chart into the work bin with the file folder task. Basically the student is working on matching. Match the letters r-e-d to the color red on the anchor chart to the piece in the file folder!

iPads as reference guides.

What do you do when you don’t know the answer to something? You google it. Time to teach your kids the power of the google. This essential problem solving skill will open the door to a wide range of more complex task that they need to look up the answers to!

Use the anchor charts as a learning tool.

My Language Arts Leveled Daily Curriculum and Math Leveled Daily Curriculum have anchor charts included with each unit. The idea is really to utilize these as a teaching tool. With all of these suggestions for using anchor charts in independent work, let’s not forget how valuable they can be to learn new skills as well!

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