Independent work is a classroom must have, especially in the start of the school year. You need to make sure your whole class is busy and engaged while you work in small groups or one on one with other students, train your staff, or teach students to follow their schedule. You need independent work tasks and you need a lot of them. You need variety so students don’t get bored. You also need tasks that are time consuming. You want to be teaching work endurance. You don’t want tasks that take 90 seconds. You’ll have a whole lot of down time on your hands and down time = trouble.

I know a lot of autism classrooms use the TEACCH 3 bin work task system – I used to but honestly it takes up too much room! And it takes forever to put in new tasks each day. I tried out a few different options – but this has worked the best for us. We have been using it for years!  I still use one 3 bin work task for one of my students because I do love the structure it provides for my students who struggle to work independently. Learn more and set up your own system like this with this product – The Most Space Efficient and Organized Work Task System Ever. 

So here is my video tutorial 🙂


Here are some of my tasks included in the bins:

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If you want tasks like these but have no clue where to start – check out this product! It jumped to my bestseller list almost immediately after I posted it. This resource provides directions, labels, and visuals for 40 work tasks!

Work Tasks - The Autism Helper

Check out my Work Task pinterest boards for more work task pictures!

The schedule and structure for this system are available on TpT if you think this is something that may work in your classroom! Check out and here is a product preview:

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