Happy New Year!!!!  Hope everyone is recovering from all the holiday festivities.  I created a fun new I Spy adapted book “I Spy an adapted book about Fairy Tales and Princesses”.  I know this book can be used with everyone but I had a couple of my girl students in mind when I created this.  Previously, I had done I Spy Vehicles (which I used with all my students not just the boys) but I wanted to switch it up for some of my students who are into Princesses and fancy dresses.

“I Spy Fairy Tales and Princesses” focuses on identifying the correct person given a description of the person.  There are no visual clues to help the student choose the correct individual.  The students have to listen to the description and identify the correct person to match that description.  For example “I spy with my little eyes a princess wearing a crown”.  The student has to look at all three princesses and choose the one wearing a crown. 

There are many different features for each character.  “I spy with my little eyes a prince wearing a cape”.   

Just like with any adapted book you can change the level of prompting you provide the students.  You can limit the visual field to 2 choices instead of 3.  You can use additional visual supports (such as color cards to help with the different colors) or verbal prompting to assist the student in choosing the correct character.  For example, “I spy a princess wearing a yellow dress.”  You can give the student a choice between the yellow dress princess and the pink dress princess.  You can also hold up a yellow visual clue if the student is still working on learning color concepts.   

Lots of different fairy tale characters in this book!

If you are interested in this adapted book you can find it on TPT with the link – I Spy an adapted book about Fairy Tales and Princesses.  

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