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I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I love that it’s socially acceptable to wear stretchy pants. I love that it’s on a Thursday and transforms the whole weekend into an awesome chill family focused few days. I love stuffing. Actually, I really love stuffing. Screw the turkey – I’m all about the sides.

I also really like that Thanksgiving is great reminder to reflect on what we are thankful for. Yep, that’s right I turned a holiday into a prompt. But it is! Thanksgiving is a prompt to be thankful. I think sometimes we forget to be thankful and grateful for what we have. Our society is so focused on what you don’t have. Heck, I goggle a pair of suede boots one dang time and my sidebars are forever filled with ads of those boots that I don’t have. We spend more time thinking about what we don’t have that what we do. We get busy. We get focused on the day to day details of life and it’s easy to get consumed by the details and not see the big picture. So on Thanksgiving, use that prompt and reflect on what you have to be thankful for.


I can’t even believe how much I have to be thankful for. Last year on Thanksgiving, I nervously brought my two week old baby in her turkey pjs to family parties with a costco size container of hand sanitizer on deck for anyone who wanted to hold her. And then I literally blinked and it’s a year later and Audrey is basically an adult. She has such an amazing personality and she’s a the most hilarious small human ever.

Obviously I am very thankful for my sweet baby and the rest of my family but that’s really not the point of today’s post. Today I want to share how thankful I am for you. I read every comment, email, and post that I get. I always feel like I’m talking to my friends. I understand how amazing and frustrating and thankless and hilarious and dirty and expensive and heartwarming and everything else that this job can be. And I am so thankful that we have each other to talk about it with. Blogging, consulting, speaking, and creating resources is not something I ever dreamed I would be doing five years ago. But now I couldn’t dream of doing anything else. I am a self diagnosed workaholic but it’s only because I love doing this so dang much. I love responding to your emails and making resources and sharing ideas in a blog post. And I am so thankful that you are here on this adventure with me.

My first few years teaching, I really struggled. This job is isolating as crap. Nobody gets it unless you are in it. “No, super sweet general ed teacher down the hall, your day was not worse than mine. Your day definitely didn’t involved getting punched in the face did it?! The lows are low. You have to be a rockstar to do this job because it is freakin hard. But one of those things that makes those lows better is knowing you are not alone. And often times we can’t find that in our own school so I am happy you came here to find it. Even though we maybe don’t live in the same city or even same country, we are in this together. We will succeed and excel and find our groove as effective teachers even if there are a few punches along the way.

The reason we are all in this job isn’t for the lows it’s for those little moments. We all have them tucked away some where to bring out after a particularly low day to remind us why we are in this field. Those little moments where a light bulb goes on and something clicks. Your student says his first word, identifies the color blue (after working on it for 8 months..), makes a friend, puts his backpack away on his own, says hi to peer, or has 4 whole hours without one disruptive behavior. Those are the moments we live for. I am so thankful we get to celebrate those moments together.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for every blog post you read, product you purchased, story your shared, and comment you left! Thank you for sharing your highs and lows! Thank you for being such an amazing rock start teacher. Your students are SO lucky to have you!


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