The last week before Christmas break is pretty much just crowd control with a little learning snuck in between holiday parties, assemblies, and other special events. Bring on the venti coffees my friends! You got this. 

For these last few days before you hibernate to your winter break netflix and frosted sugar cookies mode, snag this cute little freebie to target a goal we work on with so many of our kids – answering wh- questions. This is a challenging concept for so many leaners on the spectrum and luckily it’s an easy skill to incorporate into fun, holiday themed activities! 

I LOVE using visual response options when working on Wh- Questions. It gives our kids who struggle with receptive language and processing the chance to attend to what the question is asking. Providing visual response options helps with the struggle to verbal express an answer to a question. This is a great assessment tool! 

This resource also includes a Christmas themed Wh- Question mini book. I love to color it, cut it out, and staple it together to bring home. Be careful with those staplers 😉

Sasha Long
Sasha Long

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