There is literally nothing more exciting than Halloween themed treats. Because one – Halloween (duh) and two – treats (double duh). This winning combination is sure to be heavily loved on my all of your kiddos. Back in the day we used to stick to Witch Hats only but my kiddos were so into cooking and I could work so many awesome skills into each cooking lesson, that I decided we needed more Halloween cooking fun. These are some of my favorite recipes because they are so dang cute. So have some fun this October with Halloween Treats & Snacks!

There are tons of yummy recipes included in this set: Spider Cookies, Candy Corn Fruit Salad, Fruit Cornucopia, Witch Hat Cookies, Ghost Banana, and Apple Teeth. This resources also contains a visual question board with 4 interactive comprehension questions as well as a more advanced written question/answer question worksheet. All visuals for the recipes are included as well!

One of my favorite things about these recipes are the visual question pages. I love having these prepped and ready to go to target listening comprehension, wh- questions, and vocabulary. There is also a worksheet included to work on comprehension so you can easily differentiate for all learners!

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