My best-selling product is my Wh- Question Mega Pack. It’s no surprise. Answering wh- questions is a major challenge that a a lot of our students face. This deficit effects academic success, reading comprehension, conversation skills, and independent living opportunities. It’s pretty dang important! Since I got such great feedback on this resource, I created a bunch of mini-units that replicate the setup of the original packet but are seasonally themed! The Wh- Question Seasonal Units included 6 units each themed for a different holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, & Easter). I get so excited to get this first unit out for Halloween because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! My kids all love it too because who doesn’t love answering questions about ghosts & goblins?!

This resource is a ton of fun! You can use this with a wide range of learners whether they are focusing on more basic, concrete wh- question answering and need the support of some visual responses or if your learners are more advanced and ready to discriminate between wh- questions. Of course, adding a fluency component to this only makes it better! Work on speed with the photo flashcards. Since we only use these for a short time period, I like to throw the photo flashcards in page protectors and keep on a ring. I love this for the end of centers or during down time!

Each unit contains product contains:
– Visual Wh- Question Worksheets
– Written Wh- Question Worksheets
– Themed Wh- Question Mini Book
– Photo Wh- Question Flashcards

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