I think it is so important to incorporate functional life skills into therapy sessions.  Cooking is a great way to work on following directions, requesting, sequencing skills, increasing functional vocabulary, problem solving, turn taking, and so much more.  When I asked one of my groups of students what we should cook this month in speech one of my students said “Grilled Cheese, Please!”.   I decided that was a perfect cooking activity for this month.  Since I do a lot of cooking activities, I have a griddle that I keep at school which is why I created the recipes to use a griddle.  I have students with various skill levels so I created both a visual recipe and written recipe along with 2 different sets of follow up questions.  Please click here – Grilled Cheese – for a free copy of the recipes and questions.

Grilled Cheese Pictures

For the written recipe, I first have my students read the materials and ingredients needed.  We go over any new or unfamiliar vocabulary terms.  I review the rules we have about using hot cooking equipment.  I make sure all the student understand the griddle is hot and not to touch the griddle.  Then we go through each step of the recipe.  Here is how one of my groups completed the task.

Grilled Cheese Steps

Looking Good!!!!

Grilled Cheese 4

For the visual recipe, I set up the activity the same way I did for the written recipe.  I  review the safety cooking rules and teach any new or unfamiliar vocabulary terms.  I go through the recipe step by step using the visuals on the recipe card.  I have the students either verbally or using an AAC device request the needed items to complete each step of the recipe.  I model sequential terms and action verbs throughout the activity.


Grilled cheese visual

After my students made their grilled cheese sandwiches I had them complete either the written or visual  follow-up questions.  I have the students use the recipe if he/she needs help remember parts of the recipe.

Grilled Cheese Final

Don’t these sandwiches look delicious!  I hope your students enjoy making these sandwiches as much as mine did!


Sarah The Speech Helper

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