Grammar is so important for our students.  Sometimes my students omit or use the wrong helping verb in sentences and phrases which is why I created these Has/Have and Is/Are Grammar cards.   Repetition is key when working on grammar skills which is why each set contains 72 cards.  Lots of practice!!!!

I wanted to have enough cards to use them multiple times and plenty of different examples.  If we used the same 20 cards my students would have them memorized in no time.

There are different ways you can use these cards with your students.  You can use these grammar cards during small group instruction.  Either you or the student reads what the card says.  For example “the cars ___ wheels”.  I have the student determine if they need to use “has” or “have”.  For more prompting, read the card using each different helping verb to help them auditorally process it.  I would say “the cars has wheels or the cars have wheels”.  Once the student selects the correct helping verb I have him/her say the complete sentence again for practice.  “the cars have wheels”.  Repetition is Key!      

For students that can read you can have the student complete this as an independent task.  I just wrote “has” and “have” on index cards.  I give the students a set number of cards and have the student place the cards in the correct category.  Then I have the student read the cards to me to check them.  This again helps them practice hearing it correctly plus it allows you to check and correct any errors the student makes during the independent sorting task.  

I did the same thing for the “is” and “are” cards.  Write the words “is” and “are” on index cards and let the student sort the grammar cards into the correct pile.  Make sure you check the students work so they are not just placing the cards in random piles.   

Again, I added each set of grammar cards to my photo storage box.  Each grammar card set fits in one of the photo boxes.  Easy to store and easy to find makes it easier for me!

If you are interested in these Has/Have and Is/Are Grammar Cards Click the link – Has/Have and Is/Are Grammar Cards

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