I love a good board game. I loved them as a child, love them as a teacher & clinician, and even love them as an adult at a game night 😉 Today I want to share some of my tried and true favorite games. My caseload has been extremely varied over the years so there is a little something for everyone!


Scattergories is a fav. You can make it easier (use your own categories and not the ridiculously hard ones they give you) or harder (by using those ridiculously hard ones). I put a major social skills twist on this game by putting kids in small groups or partners. Kids have to work together to create the list of items. I like to pair up students strategically and put one student who is more of a helper with a student who needs a little help. It’s a great chance to get some peer modeling going!

Very Silly Sentences


Uno is so fun! There is so much rule following and you really need to pay attention to other people in the group. It’s perfect to target social skills such as turn taking and group attention. I love when my kids call each other out on not following the rules. You better believe if someone gives that “skip” card or “draw 2” that everyone is going to make sure that card is followed. I also love when they get strategic and try to beat each other. There is some social skills on a whole other level! This game – Fruit Flies – from Simply Fun is super similar to Uno that you should definitely check out!

Don't Say It

Apples to Apples Junior


Jeeper Peepers

I love to make this activity a turn taking game for my little guys. It’s concrete, hands on, and simple enough your tiniest learners! 🙂 And that storage though…


Jenga is a classroom fav. I love writing sight words, math problems, or one step direction on the blocks to make it academic. You can also tie in counting, problem solving, and prediction skills into this game.

So this month – have fun and play some games. It will still target all of those IEP goals and in an even more functional way since you will be testing for generalization! A generalized skill is a functional skill!

What are your favorite games?

{I know I’m forgetting some good ones!}

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