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I am a go all out kinda girl. I like to do things big – borderline over the top, in the gray area of ridiculousness, and questionably out of control. I want a 12 foot Christmas tree, 6 inch stilettos, unlimited toppings on my ice cream sundae, 3 layer birthday cakes, and purses that are bigger than the left side of my body. I like to bring the best present with the biggest bow. You get the picture. I especially I am like this with my beloved babies at school. I spoil them and I know it. I don’t even care. I think some of my kiddos don’t get spoiled enough and they deserve it. So in the spirit of over-the-topness, let me explain our Thanksgiving party.

Instead of doing a typical Thanksgiving party with a little turkey craft and November Bingo, we have a feast. And when I say feast – I mean feast. If you can make it in the microwave or on a hot plate – we make it! Stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and gravy! We buy thick cut turkey deli meat for the ‘turkey’ of our meal. It is a blast! We usually blow a fuse. We get in stations for the party and everyone gets a chance to make 2 or 3 different dishes. Then we combine all of the food into a big huge buffet. The kids can go through the line and request each option. It’s super fun!

I thought I’d share some of this Thanksgiving loving with some of our visual recipes. Cooking is a great way to work on following directions, sequencing, expressive/receptive language, vocabulary and Picture Exchange Communication – all in a fun and motivating way. Here are some of the recipes we use for Turkey Day:


Get these recipes plus…

…. these food and cooking pictures! Happy (almost) Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

Download Thanksgiving RecipesΒ here!




  1. We are doing the same thing for our middle school ASD programs… and our Special Ed director, Superintendent, and all of the families are coming! There are SOOO many lessons we are incorporating into preparing for this feast! The ideas definitely came from you, thank you so much for these!

  2. Thank you Sasha! We are having our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. The kids are helping preparing and serve it. These will be great additions to the corn recipe and the crock-pot cobbler recipes I’ve created!

  3. You are very welcome πŸ™‚

  4. Happy to help!

  5. When I try to download it says there’s an error and doesn’t take me to the download.

    • Hey! Thank you for bringing that to my attention! I have fixed the link!


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