January’s theme is life skills and I wanted to highlight TAH’s Life Skills Bundles and share how I’ve been using it in my classroom. There are two different editions: Household Edition and Community Edition. The pictures for this post are from the All About the Bathroom Unit included in the household edition. Here are five components from THA’s Life Skills Bundles that I love…

1. Parent Letter & Homework

Generalize, generalize, generalize! We all know that this is so important…and what a great opportunity to generalize across settings with parent help. Each unit includes a pre-made parent letter outlining the unit as well as leveled homework!

2. Reference Page & Vocabulary

I adore a good reference page and the one included in this unit takes it to a whole new level! I love how verbs are included on the reference page to include student at a higher level and to introduce emerging students to how we use bathroom items.  This year, I have an influx of friends who are blind or visually impaired, but this reference page is also helpful to me to assemble items for a tactile vocabulary experience that all students can benefit from. Each unit also comes with a word wall that includes the word with a picture and the definition. This set also includes space to write a sentence using the word, number of syllables, part of speech and more!


3. Social Stories & Adapted Books

Three adapted books are included with each life-skills unit. These books target listening and/or reading comprehension, following directions, vocabulary and inferencing. Three one-page social stories are also included with each unit. My students really enjoyed the following directions book because it was an interesting challenge. It helped with vocabulary as well as prepositions…win-win!

4. Visuals & File Folders 

Using the file folders is a great way to teach emerging writers concepts of live skills without making them go through the labor of writing. File folders are also a great reinforcement activity. Visuals can be used to label or as flashcards for students who are ELs or just learning the vocabulary for the first time.

5. Pre/Post Tests & Worksheets

Saved the best for last! Each unit includes worksheets at three levels and pre/post tests to help determine which level is most appropriate for which student. I especially like how level three includes worksheets with short reading passages and questions. My school is very big on having a specific time of the day to teach topics related to social/emotional health. These units are perfect for social/emotional learn or social studies!

I hope you are inspired to use TAH’s Life Skills Bundles with your students! Share ways you use the Household Edition and Community Editions!

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