Like the perfect gift from Santa, TAH’s Math Work Task Mega Pack is what dreams are made of! Many followers of TAH (myself included!) already have and use the Work Task Mega Pack and the Advanced Work Task Mega pack and the math version fits in perfectly with these two. This product comes with visuals, labels and directions for 25 math work tasks of varying levels. Here are my five favorite work tasks from this mega pack…

1. More or Less

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of the ABLLS-R, and I frequently write a math vocabulary goal for my students. “More” and “less” are two of the vocabulary words included in the assessment.  While I frequently teach these concepts during instructional programs, I don’t have a lot of activities that reinforce this skill outside of that time.  More or Less is the perfect task for practice and generalization. It has the question on each card, which can help students become aware of written instructions and increase independence.

2. Easy Patterns

Another ABLLS-R goal! I made a similar task in my classroom, but the Easy Patterns task included in the Mega Pack really kicks it up a notch! It includes cards for all AB patterns in 4, 5 and 8 unifix cubes in a variety of colors. It can also be used for instruction. You can use it for teaching a student to not only match the cubes, but to create a “train” with the correct number of cubes.  This is a great task for students who have mastered matching and need to work on fine motor skills.

3. Pick Big and Little 

I love this task for so many reasons! While it seems pretty simple, it helps to reinforce word recognition and beginning describing. Since the cards feature both a big and little item, it makes it easier for students to differentiate between the two sizes. This task is also very useful as a teaching tool. You can provide enrichment of the task by labeling clothespins “large” and “small” to teach or reinforce synonyms.

4. Counting 10-20

Many of my students have mastered counting from 1-10, but still need practice going past 10. I use this as a teaching tool for a variety of levels. You could start by simply teaching students number identification, then move into guided practice opportunities in order to get used to counting.  It could also be used to teach more efficient ways of counting-like circling groups of two’s, counting by two’s and adding any additional items.

5. Sequencing Number Words

This task helps students to learn to identify number words up to twenty-two and offers a challenge to students who are readers and can sequence numbers. And it’s color-coded so students will be able to determine the order with more ease. I like how each color-coded storage grid starts with a different number!

I hope you love the Math Work Task Mega Pack as much as I do! Share your favorites or how you use this product in your classroom!

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