If you haven’t signed up for the free monthly newsletter from TAH…you are missing out! Besides highlighting blogs and resources you can use in your classroom, each month you will receive three FREE downloads of monthly work tasks! I had the pleasure of test driving the ones that will be available this winter and these five are my favorite…


1. Fill the Sleigh

For this task, students will use the picture cues at the bottom of the sleigh cards so students can pick the matching presents in the sleigh. What is great about this task is that it is still accessible enough for students who are still working on matching, but it is enough of a challenge where it isn’t boring. My students liked it because it was holiday-themed and it was different than their typical, everyday work. This task is available in TAH’s December newsletter.

2. Hot Chocolate

Love, love, love this task! Simple enough for independent work, but I have used it for teaching purposes. This task targets counting numbers 1-5 from a set and “give me” counting. What is really awesome is that this task includes two of each number, so you can demo it for the student and then they can try it after you showed them. You can use this task all winter long and it is one of the most adorable tasks I have ever seen! This task will be available in the January newsletter.

3. Dress the Snowman

Another task you can use all winter long! This task is visual and targets higher level matching and spacial concepts. Students need to reference the visual instructions on the snowman cards below in order to identify the correct color scarf, mittens and hat for each snowman. This task also reinforces/teaches students where certain clothing items are worn on the body. This task will be available with the January newsletter.

4. Address the Envelope

This Valentine-themed task helps students practice copying words from one sheet to another and learn the very functional skill of addressing an envelope. This task can also be used to teach motor planning in a small group or during one-on-one instruction. Make sure to get the fine-tip dry erase markers! This task will be available with the February newsletter.

5. Match the Dessert

Cute Valentine desserts, descriptions and reading comprehension…what more could you want in a work task? Match the Dessert includes descriptions of the desserts that students need to read in order to match the correct dessert on the plate. This is a great task for higher level students. As an extension, students can practice writing their own descriptions of the desserts! This task will be available with the February newsletter.

6. {Bonus} Five ways to use these tasks in your classroom

  • Use them at a station during a party or at a station the day before a school vacation (Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break)
  • Send them home as homework for students who are not yet writing
  • Use them to teach skills in small groups (e.g. counting, matching, describing)
  • Enrichment/bonus work (I have students who finish early and ask to do these tasks!)
  • Independent work (I incorporated these tasks with my work task system-I put these tasks in a small three-drawer bin and have special tags I put on their work task mini-schedules)

I hope you sign up for TAH’s free monthly newsletter! As always, share your ideas for different ways to use TAH’s resources in your classroom!

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