I love, love, love the work task system in my classroom, but I really wanted to create some new tasks that targeted some different skills that we didn’t get a chance to practice very much in the classroom. Well, TAH must have read my mind because I discovered the Communication Based Work Task Mega Pack!

It’s everything you love about TAH’s Work Task Mega Packs, but with a communication and language arts focus! Here are my top 5 favorite tasks from this pack….

1. Yes/No Sorting 

I love this task because, as I’m sure you have noticed, sometimes our little friends are too agreeable and say “yes” to everything. While I have individual instructional programs for students to work on this skill, this task provides an opportunity for students to get additional practice. Also, you can use this task to teach students in a small group so they are able to complete the task independently.  Plus, the question starter is really simple (“Is this a…?”), so it’s perfect for students of a variety of levels.

2. Sort Ways to Say Hi Vs. Bye

Since our students can be creatures of habit and social scripts, this task is a great way to teach a variety of ways to greet (I especially like “Howdy”). I actually don’t use this task in my work task bins because I use it for greetings and departures. I keep the baskets, pre-sorted by my classroom door. When students arrive or leave, I give each one of them a different card and they are able to give the greeting card to a staff member. It’s great for readers because they can read the greeting, but it also works for friends with limited verbal abilities because they can give the card to the teacher and the teacher can read it.

3. Describe It

Describing is a common goal among our students. Often, students are used to simply naming the item in the picture or an actual object in front of them. Describing is a higher-order thinking skill, and this task makes it easy for students to start describing on their own. I also pre-taught this task so students were able to complete it on their own. I have also used this same format for another activity I made for my students using seasonal items. If you have students that need extra support, you can use a reference chart or static communication board that students can use.

4. Two Component Matching with Food

You can’t really go wrong with food…and two-component matching (ABLLS Skill C47).  I have always had a hard time practicing this skill with my students because I would be describing items on the fly, but this task is great because it’s already laid out for you. And there’s food…which is something all students have been exposed to and most likely enjoy. I can even use this task with my students with visual impairments. I am able to read the clue and verbally give my student a choice of two items.

5. Match Items to Room

I really like this task because it is accessible for a wide range of student levels. It is a visual task, so even non-readers can participate. This task targets categories and associations and also helps students develop functional vocabulary. Currently, I have it with my task bins, but you could even extend this activity with your higher students by asking them to explain why the items belong in certain rooms or areas of the house.


6. (Because I couldn’t choose just 5)…Sort By Pronoun

Pronouns can be tricky for students. The Sort by Pronoun task gives students multiple practice opportunities to help master this skill. If you don’t use it for a work task, you can always use it for fluency practice!

I hope you are inspired to use TAH’s Communication Based Work Tasks with your students! It was really hard to pick my favorites because all of the tasks are beneficial to students, colorful and functional. Share other ways you use this fabulous product!

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