April’s theme at TAH is literacy and I wanted to highlight a product that is fabulous for using as part of your language arts/reading curriculum…it’s the Literacy Bingo Series! If you are not familiar with this product, it features 10 different bingo games that focus on expressive and receptive language concepts, pre-reading skills and phonics skills.  Bingo is a great teaching tool and is accessible for learners at all levels!  And students love it! Here are five of my favorite bingo games from the Literacy Bingo Series

1. Blend Bingo

I have a student in my class now who is so excited about learning blends and Blend Bingo is the perfect way to not only reinforce blends with him, but to introduce him to new words with blends. This bingo game comes with two different levels of calling cards and 20 boards. Another way I have my student utilize this game is to choose pictures from his board to write sentences about. Blend bingo is simply brilliant!

2. Opposite Bingo

This bingo game is the opposite of useless! Opposite Bingo features calling cards and 20 bingo boards featuring opposite concepts such as young/old, small/large, up/down and more! It is a great way to begin teaching concepts such as describing, same and different and antonyms (which are opposites, but a good way to introduce the word “antonym”). Many of my students understand opposite concepts, so this game serves as a great reinforcement activity. For my students who have mastered matching, it serves as a teaching tool as my students start their journey in the land of opposites!

3. Initial Consonant Bingo

Initial Consonant Bingo is a classroom essential! This game features calling cards, 20 bingo cards and an answer key. I use this with students at multiple levels. I have some readers in my class who play this game to reinforce their letter-sound skills. I also have a group who is working on letter identification, and we use this game to locate items that begin with a specific letter with the help of the answer key. Additionally, the bingo boards can be used to receptively or expressively identify the pictures. So versatile!

4. Preposition Bingo 

Prepositions can be a tricky concept for many students, so the more resources I have to teach this concept, the better! Preposition Bingo is a must-have for learners of all levels! I have used it as more of a teaching tool in my classroom, but it is also great for higher level learners because they can start to write a description of where the yellow ball is in the pictures using preposition vocabulary. The calling cards included in this set can double as flashcards when you first start teaching this concept. Overall, I am very happy with this game!

5. Adjective Bingo

Saved the best for last! I love, love, love Adjective Bingo because there is so much you can do with it! This bingo comes with 20 bingo cards, two levels of calling cards and an answer key. The level one cards have students identify items based and color and level two features more advanced characteristics (sharp, cold, shiny). It is an excellent game for teaching students about describing! The game materials also double as teaching materials…you can have students pick items on their boards to describe aloud or in writing, you can give students a specific calling card  and ask them to name items that have the same characteristic…the possibilities are endless!

You can purchase the whole bundle or the bingo games individually.  The other games in the bundle include Noun Bingo, Verb Bingo, Final Consonant Bingo, Digraph Bingo and Rhyming Bingo. I hope you try these games in your classroom! As always, share the ways you use these amazing products in your classroom!

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