Oh no! Summer’s almost over…all those grand plans of, well, planning, were replaced by beach days, long lunches and some well-deserved patio time. But, no worries-TAH has you covered yet again! This is my third year of using the Leveled Daily Work -it’s easy to implement and targets basic functional and academic skills. Plus, my students enjoy it! Here are five very easy, very painless way to use this curriculum in your classroom (aren’t you glad you relaxed all summer?)…

1. Increase Independence 

Leveled Daily Work is perfect for an independent work station! You can put the leveled daily work page on display at a center or on the board and provide students with the appropriate answer sheet for their level. This works well if you give each student their independent level, rather than their instructional level. For instance, if a student is able to to do Level 2 with moderate to minimal assistance, give them level 1 at an independent station so they are able to work without assistance.

2. Allow Assistance 

Use Leveled Daily Work at a station with a paraprofessional. I did this last school year and it was very successful! What is great about using this resource with support is students will receive the assistance they need to complete the work correctly. When a student is ready to go to the next level, the paraprofessional will be there to help that student level up. It’s a win-win for everyone!

3. Tap into Technology

Help individualize Leveled Daily Work for your students by using technology. Use a projector to display the Daily Work pages to save on ink. Use apps  like GoWorksheet Maker ($19.99, App Store) , SnapType (Free, App Store), or Adobe Acrobat (Free, App Store) to scan or use the student worksheet as a PDF to a tablet. This allows students to write directly on the screen using their finger or a stylus, or to type in their response.

4. Haul It Home

Leveled Daily Work is perfect for sending home with students! It is a good daily homework option for some students. It follows the same format each day and allows for lots of opportunities for practice. I have also sent it home with students during winter, spring or summer vacations. I know the daily leveled pages get some wear and tear throughout the school year, so you can put a stack together at the end of the year and send it home with your students!

5. Link Levels

Adapt the student response sheets to help them level up! Use same Leveled Daily Work pages, but change up the Student Worksheet! Click on the links below for two free between-level student worksheets to use with the Level 1 Daily Work pages!

Daily Work Student Worksheet 1.3

  • Vocabulary: Students will circle the vowels in the given words.
  • Rainbow Spelling: First, students will write the word in pencil. Then, they will get three different color crayons or colored pencils. Students will trace the word with each color, one at a time. This is a good way to practice spelling the word multiple times while saving on space!
  • Color of the Day: Students will color the boxes under the color word. For example, if the color is blue, students will color the box labeled “light” light blue and the box labeled “dark” blue.
  • Smile Spelling: First, students will write color word on the mouth. Then, in the left eye, they will write the first letter of the color word. Them they will write the last letter of the color word in the right eye.
  • Copy the Picture Chart: After copying the picture, Students will use the picture to fill in chart. The first column lists the shapes that might appear in the picture. Students will write how many of each shape there is in the picture in the middle column. In the last column, they will write the color of the shapes in the picture.


Daily Work Student Worksheet 1.5

  • Vocabulary: Worksheet 1.5 is very similar to Worksheet 1.3, except, students will write a sentence for each vocabulary word. I usually have students start with a simple sentence starter like “It’s a _________.” or “The [vocabulary word] is [color].” Some students may be able to verbalize their sentence. In this case, an adult can write their sentence on a whiteboard or separate piece of paper and the student can copy their original sentence!
  • Color of the Day: Students will list as many items as they can that are the “color of the day”. For example, if the the color of the day was red, students might list apple, flower, firetruck, strawberry…One way I have helped students come up with items is by doing a Goggle image search. This will provide visuals for students, helping them to generate their lists. Students will also come up with a sentence for the color. Some sentence starters I have used are “The color is ________.” and “The [item] is [color].”

I hope you are inspired to use TAH’s Leveled Daily Work with your students! Share other ways you use this wonderful product!

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