Feature/Function Cards

Need to work on building up vocabulary skills?  Here are some great feature/function identification vocabulary task cards to use with your students.

This set contains 63 Feature and Function Task Cards which all focus on identifying the correct item given a feature or function of the item.  For example, “find the one you drink”.  The student needs to identify the orange juice from the group of 4 items.  Find the one who flies”.  The student needs to identify the “bee” as the one that flies in the group of 4 animals.  Some cards are more challenging than others.

One way to use these cards is during small group instruction.  If the student is verbal, have the student name all the items on the card before they identify the item which matches the feature/function description.  I like to have the students who are verbal name all the items because I want to make sure the student knows the name for all the items on the card.  It’s always good naming practice.  Then either the student or you read the card.  Finally, have student identify the item which matches the given description.  You can always change the level of prompting by covering up one or two of the pictures on the card to reduce the choice size.

For non-verbal students after you read the card have the student point to the correct picture or use his/her AAC device to answer.  For example, “find the one that moves dirt” the student pointed to the bulldozer.

For students that can read you can have the student complete this as an independent task and circle the item on the card with a dry erase marker that matches the description.

After the student completes a set number of cards, you can check his/her answers.  My students always like using dry erase markers!

Previously, Sasha and I talked about these great photo storage bins we found on Amazon which I use to hold different task cards.  I added these Feature/Function cards to one of my photo storage containers.  It’s starting to fill up!  Add the label on the front and place it in the photo bin.

If you are interested in these cards use the link to check them out – Feature-Function Task Cards.

I found the photo storage bins on Amazon – Here is the Amazon link:  https://www.amazon.com/IRIS-Large-Photo-Keeper-Set/dp/B003KWH8OQ/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1479138179&sr=8-7&keywords=picture+storage+boxes


  1. Do you have more cards for other subjects or learning areas? I love your photo storage bin idea and would love to start one of my own.

  2. What all are in this photo storage bin? I like to see the list.

  3. Do you have a post with all of the items that you have in your photo storage bin?


  4. Yes! Thank you so much!

  5. I love these! What a valuable resource to use with ASD learners. Thank you.

  6. Great to hear! Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. Hello, those cards are for which age? I am yoga teacher of a 2 years old baby and I would like to have some cards to work with him.

    many thanks

    • Hi Carla! These cards might be a little too advanced for a 2 year old. If you want specific recommendations to meet your child’s learning needs, email sadie@theautismhelper.com and she can help!


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