I’m super excited about these new Feature and Function Level 2 cards.  I really needed some more challenging vocabulary material for my students so I created these level 2 cards.  Previously, I made a set of Feature and Function task cards which incorporated a variety of different common features and functions of items in one set.  To make it more difficult for my some of my students who have mastered some of those basic features and functions of items I broke those 2 concepts down and created 63 Feature Level 2 cards and 63 Function Level 2 cards.  I just started using them with some of my students and they are challenging.

Feature Level 2 cards –This set focuses on identifying the correct item which contains a given feature.  I created 2-3 cards which target the same feature.  For example “find the one with a trunk”.  I have one card which has a tree trunk, one with a car trunk, and one with an elephant trunk.  Sometimes our students don’t recognize the multiple meaning of those words.

Another feature is wings.  Most of my student know bats and birds have wings but they don’t think about an airplane having wings.

I tried to include a lot of different features.  Some of those features I included were fins, wheels, hair, buttons, and windows.

Function Level 2 cards – This set focuses on identifying the correct item which completes that function.

Sometime I created 2-3 cards which targeted the same function.  For example, “find the one that cuts”.  I have one card with a saw, one with a knife, and one with a lawn mower.  Our students may think only of scissors or a knife cutting but adding in a saw and lawn mower helps expand their understanding and knowledge of the function cut.

Find the one that catches.  It could be a fishing pole, a net, or a baseball mitt.  All completely different items which are used for catching.

One way to use these cards is during small group instruction.  If the student is verbal, have the student name all the items on the card before they identify the item which matches the feature or function description.  I like to have the students who are verbal name all the items because I want to make sure the student knows the name for all the items on the card.  It’s always good naming practice.  Then either the student or you read the card.  Finally, have student identify the item which matches the given description.  You can always change the level of prompting by covering up one or two of the pictures on the card to reduce the choice size or provide an additional visual to help with the feature or function concept.

For non-verbal students after you read the card have the student point to the correct picture or use his/her AAC device to answer.  I did “find the one with wheels” with one of my students and I couldn’t believe she navigated her device and found “shopping cart” without my help.  It was awesome.

For students that can read you can have the student complete this as an independent task and circle the item on the card with a dry erase marker or put a clothespin on the item that matches the description.  After the student completes a set number of cards, you can check his/her answers.

You can find these cards on TPT with the link – Feature and Function Level 2 Cards

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